Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is it really only Tuesday?

Wow, so I most definitely didn't realize how much Faith was posting. I feel so... left behind. Or something. Sorry y'all. I'll do better to keep up. I don't know where she gets all her time to watch tv.

I'm writing this while attempting to watch Heroes. I've gotten about half way through, but the NBC website is taking forever to load.

So. Sarah Connor last night. I was enthralled by it while it was on, but now thinking back over it, I'm not quite as impressed. They led us to believe for the first twenty minutes that Cameron could quite possibly be a human - or at least have human memories. Now it's pretty clear, as Faith said that Cameron was made to look like Allison so she could serve as an infiltrator into John's camp. I don't think it would be too far off to find out that John was in love with Allison, so that's why he worked so hard on reforming Cameron, and that's why he sent her back to protect his younger self. So I guess at this point we enter, once again, into a paradox. Presuming John does indeed have romantic feelings for Cameron/Allison, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Ok, sorry, had to. Did he fall for Cameron the terminator growing up? Or Allison the resistance fighter?
So many questions.

Gossip Girl.
Nom nom nom. It just keeps getting better and better. What's daddy dearest going to do about little Jenny Humphry? She's sure adopted an independent streak since last season. Also, a Blair/Jenny truce, and dare I say it, united front? No way. That probably won't last.
Serena. What to say? Was she a little too harsh on poor Blair? Or not? Hard to say. Blair just seeks her approval all the time, I don't think Serena knows how much Blair follows her around like a little puppy dog. She definitely had that "wow, I was totally just kicked to the curb for a new best friend" look at the end of this past episode.
Though here I feel I must interject and talk about how totally beautiful Serena looked doing her pouty model routine outside the limo while Blair looked on longing to be Papi (yeah, no idea how to spell it) posing next to her.
Chuck and Dan as friends? Most definitely had potential. They worked well together, and Dan throwing the random sucker punch was kinda funny. Raise your hand if you think that Chuck's sob story in the slammer was true. *raises hand* Yeah.
Lilly and Bart? Sad times. I agree with Faith's analysis of the sign of submission having to do with things around people's necks. Very interesting.
I wish they would've shown us what the picture was. Something tells me it wasn't what Lilly thought it was. Who knows.

Now for a long 2 week wait until the next episode of GG. BOOOO.

Started watching another show, HBO's True Blood. Interesting stuff. Side note though, it's on HBO for a reason. It's the adult, twisted, sexed up, gory version of Twilight. Haven't finished the first episode yet... still working on that.

Meh. Work has been busy tonight. It's taken over an hour to write this post. I give for now, so I'm gonna go back to watching Heroes. More on that later. Or, actually, I'll probably save my review from that for when we record on Thursday night. Or not. We shall see.

Over and out,

Gossip Girl 2.05: The Serena Also Rises

After last week's episode I expected a little more forceful return of Queen Serena. However, that in no way diminishes the episode overall. The dynamic between Lilly and Bart, the roller coaster of Jenny's choices, and the sheer desperation of Blair all make for an intense forty-one minutes (yes, I had to watch it online and that's how long it took). Add to it the variety of reactions you may have experienced when Dan and Chuck actually spend time together, and we finally return to the feel of a season one episode.

People will probably take issue with me over this, but with all the drama of the Serena / Dan relationship, this season hasn't hit quite as hard so far. Until this episode. Yes the Chuck / Blair / Marcus tension (especially in "The Dark Night") and the dethroning of Queen B last week have been truly amazing, but the entire episode this week was up to par.

I can't rave enough about this, and I'm sure once Ky watches this she and I will be in full force when we record. In the meantime, let us ponder this thought: what is with the placing of items around other people's necks as a symbol of their subservience? We saw it last week when Serena put her scarf around Blair's neck, and now when Bart put the necklace on Lilly. And speaking of Lilly, how long do you think Bart will be able to keep her under control? We saw her true side come out last season, and I just don't think she'll be able to hide it long enough.

Also, we've now seen Blair stoop to her lowest, sabotaging her mother's show in order to get back at both Jenny and Serena. But now she's coming to Jenny's aid and they seem to be becoming friends. Though who knows how long that will last with Jenny claiming to have dropped out of school. And I haven't even started on which version of Serena are we going to see as her "being herself". Guess we wait and see.



Terminator 2.04: Allison From Palmdale

My immediate reaction to this episode? WOW! Whoever wrote this episode was a genius. This came out of left field and opened up and entirely new set of questions. I can only speak for myself, but it was almost as good as "Sampson and Delilah" in terms of the Cameron story line.

The fact that a terminator could have such a powerful memory lapse is shocking. Some people might think that she was pretending, but I don't think so, if for no other reason than the fact that there does not seem to be a purpose for her to fake it. The question now is, what does this mean about her mission? We've now seen that she is was an infiltrator in the future, designed to penetrate John Connor's inner circle by impersonating this Allison. However, is that still her mission? We know that this is her initial mission, but her programming overrides this. Now that she's experienced these memories from the perspective of Allison, and taken on the persona of the infiltrator, has she changed again? Yet, she doesn't kill Jody, so has she just gone back to the Cameron we knew before the explosion?

Can't wait to find out.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chuck 2.01: Chuck vs The First Date

This was a great episode. As always, Chuck takes all that we love about secret agents and action and makes it absolutely hilarious. The episode starts with Chuck in a classic life-or-death situation (for the show at least), being held over the edge of a building by a "bad guy" who wants whatever it is that Chuck has stupidly left the car to retrieve (yeah, they ask him, again, why he left the car. Don't they know that just doesn't work?).

Chuck's reaction to no longer being the Intersect is another classic moment, spoiled only by walking in on his sister and Awesome in the shower. He feels on top of the world, turns down the assistant manager position at Buy More again, and asks out Sarah! In the meantime, Casey receives orders to eliminate Chuck to prevent him becoming a liability.

I won't detail the rest of the episode, but it is everything we learned to love last year, having the same feeling as the episode at Stanford. The return of Chuck's CIA personality, Carmichael, is great. It reminds us that Chuck should have been a CIA asset to start with, and again begs the question, when Chuck is no longer needed could he become an agent?

Over all, this was a great jump back into the show. The battle for assistant manager is absolutely hilarious, and we get confirmation that Sarah would be romantically inclined toward Chuck if it wasn't for the mission.

So go watch it!


Minor Changes

Because we felt that the tv week section was a little crowded, we've decided to change things up a bit. From now on we will be blogging all of the shows that we watch, giving you our initial reactions and fangirl squees or freakouts. This way we don't feel like we've short-handed any of our beloved fandoms. We will still have a tv week segment in our show, but it will be devoted to what we each feel was the biggest thing to happen overall. Hopefully this will make for a more enjoyable experience for you as the listener and allow us to be a little more organized and less panicked if we don't cover everything.

You know you love us. XOXO.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Episode Two: OMG Serena

We're back with another fun filled episode following an overwhelming week of television. NBC premiered almost all of their shows, including a 2 hour return of Heroes. We tried to cover everything, which makes for an interesting overview. We also get into our first Buffy segment, covering season one, what we like, what we didn't like, and our favorite characters for the season.

BTW: Faith wants to apologize to all of the Bones fans. She was very tired when we recorded this and had completely forgotten about "The Finger in the Nest" when she mentioned the ratings she had done on live journal. She gave it a 7.

TV Week Segment: (6:30 - 26:15) Spoilers for T:SCC, Bones, Heroes, and Gossip Girl

Music used this episode:
"New York Girls" by Morningwood
"Supervixen" by Garbage
"Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols

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These are totally the geeks you're looking for

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Almost As Good As a Closet Full of Shoes

We just finished our first promo. Hope you like it.

If you have a podcast and want to trade promos, email us and let us know.
Now go buy more shoes. You know you want to!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Episode One: Version 3.5

We finally got a recording together! And now our theme music for the week won't deafen you.
This is more of a meet and greet. We talk about the concept of "geek chic", how we got into the geekdom, our favorite podcasts, Terminiator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Superhero movies (mostly those that came out over this summer).

Spoiler policy: 34:34 If a tv show has been off the air, or the next season has begun, anything from before will be considered fair game. The exception will be the Buffy: Season 8 and Angel After the Fall comic books. Anything discussed that's spoilery will be noted in the show notes.

Spoilers for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 27:10-29:30

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