Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Episode Fourteen: Christmas in the Stars

It's finally here! No, not Christmas (well, that's finally here too). I'm talking about our interview with Steve from the Geek Out Loud Podcast! Known to some of his listeners as The Star Wars Guy, Steve is the biggest fan of the galaxy far, far away that we know.

We also have a special announcement to make. We now have our own forums which are embedded in the Geek Out Loud forums. This is a great opportunity for everyone from our podcasting network to get together and geek out together about all sorts of things. We're really excited about this and hope you will check it out.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Music used this week:
"Star Wars: Main Title" by John Williams
"Bells, Bells, Bells" from the Star Wars Christmas Album
"What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)" from the Star Wars Christmas Album

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode Thirteen: How to Scare the Chic Geek Girls

It's midseason cliffhangers season and T:SCC and Heroes ROCKED! We bring you an episode of massive proportions. Our friends Tim and Frank join us to discuss these two awesome episodes. They're both losers, but we love them anyway. No, seriously, you should listen, and then go check out their podcasts as well (Crossroads and Frank's Music Free-For-All, both of which are located in our Links section on the right).

Ky here, sorry it took so long to get this episode out, there were some issues with the files. But it is up now! Look for our Star Wars special with Steve from the Geek Out Loud Podcast (the official podcast of Geekoutonline.com) sometime this weekend!

Music used in this episode:
"Push It" by Garbage

Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode Twelve: Chaos From a Distance

Our first time recording away from school. We bring you an interesting episode recorded over several days from hundreds of miles apart. Who knew we could still pull it off without being actually able to throw things at each other?

TV this week was still hopping. Once again we caught T:SCC and Heroes on tv and loved them as well as Chuck and Gossip Girl (Faith was right! Or was she?). And in our attempt to move beyond Joss, we end up in a set of films that still have the Whedon name among their significant contributors.

Hope you enjoy the mayhem!

TV Week: (5:52-28:51) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, T:SCC

Music used in this episode:
"Breathe Today" by Flyleaf
"You Wouldn't Like Me" by Tegan and Sara
"Dog New Tricks" by Garbage
"Never Here" by Elastica

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Episode 11: Buffy, duck!

Exams are over! (almost) Because of this, we're a tad loopy, but I like to think that this makes for a more interesting podcast. Possibly even more entertaining?

In any case, this week we have another treat for you. Our beloved Dr R joins us to discuss her new book, Buffy Goes Dark, her use of Buffy in the classroom, and even a little season seven. TV this week was exciting for us because we go to watch T:SCC when it aired.

Thank Ky for the lack of originality in these shownotes. She put too much pressure on me.


Frank's Podcast

TV Week: Gossip Girl, Chuck, T:SCC, Heroes

Music used in this episode:
"Everybody Got Their Something" by Nikka Costa
"The Boys Want to Fight" by Garbage
"Sadie Hawkins Dance" by Relient K
"Alive" by Superchick

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