Sunday, August 16, 2009

Episode Twenty: You Can Call Me Uncool

We're back! For real this time -- we think. Due to some crazy circumstances (computer crashes, lost files, flash flood, etc) we ended up being unable to actually release episode 20 (all fifty-seven versions) until now!

In this minisode (it's still pretty long) we discuss the one television channel that puts out new episodes every week of non-reality shows. The Disney Channel! No, this does not mean you can skip this episode. If Faith finds out you did she will find you and chop off your hand (really, I'm serious!) We firmly stand by our belief that Disney is a channel that supports both our generation and the next by providing light fun and very good role models. But I'm not saying any more, you're just going to have to listen.

Music used in this episode:

"One and the Same" by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

Monday, March 16, 2009

Episode Nineteen: Origin Story

After a month(ish) long hiatus (sorry guys!) Faith and Ky are finally back, bringing you an exciting new episode! Ky took a little too long editing the files, so the tv week is a bit old, for which she apologizes profusely, bit it is still a bit amusing at the least.

The main topic of conversation for this episode is *drumroll please* the origin story of Chic Geek! It's been around six months since we first came up with the concept of our podcast (wow!), and we thought we'd share the awesomeness of the experience that brought us together and inspired Chic Geek.

Music used in this episode:
"Cross the Line" by Superchick
"Hazy Shade of Winter" by The Bangles
"Why Do You Love Me?" by Garbage
"Car Song" by Elastica

Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode Eighteen: Curse You, Aqua Scum!

After an unanticipated hiatus, the girls are back, catching you up on tv from the past three weeks. In addition, we are joined by Frank from Frank's Music Free-For-All and the brand new Echo Alert podcasts (you may remember him from Chic Geek episode 13) to discuss Smallville. That's right! Ky is all caught up and now we can rant and rave to our hearts content without spoiling her (which makes Faith oh so happy).

TV Week: (5:30-56:00) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, Smallville, Lost, Bones, Supernatural, T:SCC, BSG, Dollhouse

Music used this week:
"Living Dead Girl (Techno Remix)" by Rob Zombie
"Perfect" by Flyleaf
"I Just Want to be Loved" by AM Radio
"Just Dance" by Lady GaGa

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 17: The Phantom Rated R

A sort time ago, in an apartment very, very late at night. . .

Ta-Da! It's episode 17. This week we bring you the first of our monthly Star Wars discussions with Steve from Geek Out Loud! There was so much to talk about that this episode got rather lengthy, but we had a ton of fun recording and hope you enjoy listening.

TV week: Gossip Girl, Supernatural, BSG, Flashpoint, Bones

Music used this week:
"No You Don't" by Pat Benatar
"Queen Amidala; The Naboo Palace" by John Williams
"Get Back" by Demi Lovato
"TV Land" by Superchick

Monday, January 19, 2009

Episode Sixteen: Surreal Deal

Oh yes, school has started. That caused us to be a little late in putting out the podcast this week, but we're going to find our rhythm soon and get back on a regular schedule. This week was the return of three more of our shows, Smallville, Supernatural, and BSG. In addition to our always stellar tv week discussion, we bring a conversation of one of our all-time favorite shows: Gilmore Girls! We hope you enjoy!

PS: we recorded this late at night, so we kinda forgot to do our feedback section. this in no way means that we don't love our feedback and we'll read them next week.

Faith's Bella Mittens

TV week: (8:43-33:24) Gossip Girl, Smallville, Supernatural, BSG, Flashpoint

Music used in this episode:
"As Heaven Is Wide" by Garbage
"Going Down To Liverpool" by The Bangles
"Hurry Up and Save Me" by Tiffany Giardina

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Episode Fifteen: "I don't discuss my process"

We're back! Just when you thought you'd lost us forever, the insanity returns. The girls are back at school and hiding from the new semester. This week we talk about the one tv show to return, Gossip Girl, as well as the Dr. Horrible dvd. We get pretty off topic, so we also talk about Smallville, Supernatural, Joan of Arcadia, and other random geeky things. But don't hate us for it, we love you all.

TV Week: 8:41-15:10

Music used in this episode:
"Womanizer" by Brittney Spears
Dr. Horrible opening theme
"Run Away" by The Halo Friendlies
"Waking Up" by Elastica

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