Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Episode Fourteen: Christmas in the Stars

It's finally here! No, not Christmas (well, that's finally here too). I'm talking about our interview with Steve from the Geek Out Loud Podcast! Known to some of his listeners as The Star Wars Guy, Steve is the biggest fan of the galaxy far, far away that we know.

We also have a special announcement to make. We now have our own forums which are embedded in the Geek Out Loud forums. This is a great opportunity for everyone from our podcasting network to get together and geek out together about all sorts of things. We're really excited about this and hope you will check it out.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Music used this week:
"Star Wars: Main Title" by John Williams
"Bells, Bells, Bells" from the Star Wars Christmas Album
"What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)" from the Star Wars Christmas Album

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode Thirteen: How to Scare the Chic Geek Girls

It's midseason cliffhangers season and T:SCC and Heroes ROCKED! We bring you an episode of massive proportions. Our friends Tim and Frank join us to discuss these two awesome episodes. They're both losers, but we love them anyway. No, seriously, you should listen, and then go check out their podcasts as well (Crossroads and Frank's Music Free-For-All, both of which are located in our Links section on the right).

Ky here, sorry it took so long to get this episode out, there were some issues with the files. But it is up now! Look for our Star Wars special with Steve from the Geek Out Loud Podcast (the official podcast of Geekoutonline.com) sometime this weekend!

Music used in this episode:
"Push It" by Garbage

Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode Twelve: Chaos From a Distance

Our first time recording away from school. We bring you an interesting episode recorded over several days from hundreds of miles apart. Who knew we could still pull it off without being actually able to throw things at each other?

TV this week was still hopping. Once again we caught T:SCC and Heroes on tv and loved them as well as Chuck and Gossip Girl (Faith was right! Or was she?). And in our attempt to move beyond Joss, we end up in a set of films that still have the Whedon name among their significant contributors.

Hope you enjoy the mayhem!

TV Week: (5:52-28:51) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, T:SCC

Music used in this episode:
"Breathe Today" by Flyleaf
"You Wouldn't Like Me" by Tegan and Sara
"Dog New Tricks" by Garbage
"Never Here" by Elastica

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Episode 11: Buffy, duck!

Exams are over! (almost) Because of this, we're a tad loopy, but I like to think that this makes for a more interesting podcast. Possibly even more entertaining?

In any case, this week we have another treat for you. Our beloved Dr R joins us to discuss her new book, Buffy Goes Dark, her use of Buffy in the classroom, and even a little season seven. TV this week was exciting for us because we go to watch T:SCC when it aired.

Thank Ky for the lack of originality in these shownotes. She put too much pressure on me.


Frank's Podcast

TV Week: Gossip Girl, Chuck, T:SCC, Heroes

Music used in this episode:
"Everybody Got Their Something" by Nikka Costa
"The Boys Want to Fight" by Garbage
"Sadie Hawkins Dance" by Relient K
"Alive" by Superchick

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Episode Ten: Untitled

Can you believe we made it all the way to ten episodes? I know, cool, right? We've got a full episode for you, with tv week, our long-awaited Buffy season 6 discussion, and a special treat at the beginning of the episode. We hope you enjoy it! As always, please send feedback. We want to make our listeners a bigger part of our show.

TV Week: (15:30 - 31:50) Chuck, Heroes, T:SCC

Music used in this episode:
"The Raiders March" by John Williams
"Hulk Theme" by Craig Armstrong
"I'm Sorry" by Flyleaf
"Hop on a Plane" by Tegan and Sara
"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell
"Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)" by Paramore

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode Nine: Miss Ky is Ill Today . . . (still)

Due to the fact that Episode 8 was Twilight-centric, we decided to bring you Episode 9 catching up on all of the television we haven't talked about for the past 2 weeks. Becky joins us again to talk True Blood with Ky, and then the girls rave about Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, T:SCC, and Faith's current obsession with Smallville.

PS: It wasn't Tuesday or Wednesday. It was Thursday.

Music used in this episode:
"Back in Your Head" by Tegan and Sara
"Rewind" by Paramore

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Episode Eight: "Well her name is Bella"

Twilight is here! And we're bringing you our reactions as close to live as we can. The majority of this episode was recorded in the car to and from the midnight release. We're joined by Ky's two roommates (they might as well be Faith's too), Tiffany and Becky. The first segment is on the ride there while we discuss what we want to see in this film and how we hope certain aspects are portrayed. Following the music is our reaction. We would apologize for all of the squeeing, but we're major fangirls, so it comes with the territory.

Music used in this episode:
"Decode" by Paramore
"Going All the Way (Into the Twilight)" by Perry Farrell
"Tremble for My Beloved" by Collective Soul
"Super Massive Black Hole" by Muse

We've also got two videos taken in the parking lot after the movie. Hope you enjoy!

and then...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Episode Seven: Decoding Illness

Sickness has struck. Again. Actually, based on what we've seen on Twitter, we're not the only one's who keep waking up with sudden headaches and sore throats. Personally, I blame the good old North Carolina weather. We were wearing sweaters in early October, and now we're back in t-shirts and the occasional light-weight jacket. Due to the election there wasn't much tv this week. But that didn't stop us. We're dedicating this week's episode to one of our favorite authors (Faith's been in mourning all week), Michael Crichton, died suddenly on Tuesday, November 4. This week we discuss the two of our regular shows that did air (Gossip Girl and T:SCC) as well as True Blood and the return of Bones (yay!). We also bring you our thoughts on Buffy Season 5, and encourage everyone to check out Felicia Day's webshow "The Guild", which is to begin its second season on November 25.

TV week: (6:45-20:15) Gossip Girl, T:SCC, Bones, True Blood

Music used in this episode:
"Why Don't You Come Over" by Garbage
"Strong" by Velvet Chain
"The Feel Good Drag" by Anberlin
"Decode" by Paramore

Monday, November 3, 2008

Episode Six: The Week of Doom

Since our last recording, life has gotten . . . interesting for Faith and Ky. Because of this, it has been difficult to not only record, but watch the shows we like to talk about. Yet here we are, bringing you episode six, full of fascinating tidbits that most likely mean absolutely nothing. This week we've put Buffy on hold, and instead discuss our thoughts on the new Twilight soundtrack as well as listener email.

TV week: (4:18-28:15) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, Smallville, True Blood, Legend of the Seeker

Music used in this episode:
"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
"Metal Heart" by Garbage
"Too Cruel" by Amy Heart
"Blame Me! Blame Me!" by Anberlin

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"When the one in white betrays him with her blood"

Today is an auspicious day for sci-fi/fantasy readers. One of the greatest fantasy series, which came to a shocking conclusion last year, is hitting the world as a television mini-series. The Sword of Truth is an amazing epic filled with battle, magic, and, of course, an amazing love story.

Check out Legend of the Seeker, which premiers tonight. Go here to see the trailers and find out when it airs in your area.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Episode Five: The Little Podcast That Could

We're back with another episode! On yet another week in which our lives have intruded far too much into our podcasting duties, Faith finally accomplishes the task of actually taking the GRE, and Ky is sick. TV this week was excellent, as always, and we loved it, as always. In addition, we examine our least favorite season of one of our all time favorite shows, Buffy, as well as the beginnings of Angel season one.

Ok, I'm tired, and intro posts are hard to make witty and fresh every time, so I give up. Listen and enjoy freaks.

(Sorry, I was channeling my inner Cordelia. She's gone now and I apologize. Forgive me and enjoy your week!)

TV Week: (4:00-19:15) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, T:SCC

Music used in this epsiode:
"Boom Swagger Boom" by The Murder City Devils
"Wicked Game" by HIM
"How She Died" by Treble Charger
"Sex Is Not the Enemy" by Garbage

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Future is Still Momentarily Intact

I received word last night from our friends over at SkyNext Podcast that our beloved Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been picked up for a full 22 episode season. Thanks to everyone who emailed Fox to let them know how much we are invested in this story, and continue to send email throughout the season to encourage them to keep up the good work. Because, as we all know, no one is ever safe.


My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-015f8f955d090ae49415931ebab974f4}

Epsiode 4: Yet Another Hope

From the frozen tundra of Ky's apartment we bring you Episode 4 (seriously, we're sitting here working on our computers with gloves on). This week we finally discuss Buffy Season 3-- the greatest season EVER! (you argue with us about that, I'll just get a replica of the Jackel and kill you) We talk about what we liked, what we didn't like (which was, like, nothing), and Faith briefly overviews her favorite character of all time. Tv this week was amazing, though a little lacking thanks to baseball and the presidential debate. Yet, as always, we find much to talk about.

Edit: We're not sure what happened to the audio quality during the season 3 recap, but we'll figure it out before we record again.

TV Week: (5:30-23:00) Gossip Girl, Heroes, True Blood, Chuck

Music used in this episode:
"Shadows" by Four Star Mary
"Chinese Burn" by Curve
"Faith's End" by Christopher Beck
"Untouchable" by Garbage

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday Night Television is Way Better Than Monday Night Football

Until recently, Monday night football was on ABC. I can remember being so excited every week when I was a kid when my parents started letting me stay up until 9 so that I could see kickoff. I always thought that ABC had the most creative show openers (my favorite was the Top Gun theme their last season). But then it moved to ESPN and became truly dull (plus, my family doesn't get ESPN, so I didn't get to watch it again until I came to college). And I can still speak to this, because I work during all of my shows on Monday nights, but can usually catch part of the game (The bit I saw this week? Boring). However, despite how enraged I was that they moved networks, what came in to replace the NFL was even better.

Heroes 3.05: Angels and Monsters
I actually just finished watching this about an hour ago. Ky can attest to that fact. I literally threw my earphones onto the table when I finished because I was so freaked out. She's pretty adamant that of course Mr. Patrelli wasn't dead, and of course they're going to bring back Ando, but I don't care. I love the fact that I can buy into another universe completely and be truly traumatized by what they do with it. Therefore, I usually completely go by what is shown on tv (Unless I'm into some form of other media if the universe exists beyond tv Though I'm not for Heroes).

When Hiro killed Ando, I thought I was going to cry. I know I know, I'm such a girl. But I love Ando. He doesn't have abilities. He isn't "special". Which is what makes him so amazing. I know we see him in the future killing Hiro. So this would be perfect justification. However, the future is always in motion, always changing. It isn't something concrete, which is why I was so surprised last week when future Peter was able to take present Peter to the future that he had come from.

Also, all of these other storylines that they've brought in... I can't even wrap my brain around it. The scenes with Saresh? Freaky. I'm more afraid of him than Sylar. Though we're seeing Sylar reemerge from Gabriel, which leads me to just believe more that he is faking his "redemption".

There is just too much to digest in this episode (as always), and I'm left with an intense curiosity.

Oh, and that Mos Eisley reference? Made my night.

Chuck 2.03: Chuck Versus the Breakup
When Bryce showed up last week I didn't know what to expect. Part of me wasn't surprised, because whenever a relationship starts to go "right" on tv, something always happens to mess it up. The return of an ex (especially one that had to fake his death) is a great way to do this. As a geek myself, I'm completely in love with Chuck. He's got this cuteness that comes from his geeky side, but he also manages to save the day in some fashion. Have to say though, it was cool to see a tango done "properly" on this show (though, honestly, that was way too sex-driven to be proper in any culture).

And Anna? How awesome was that. I loved Casey's phone call to headquarters. "Yes, I need to run a security clearance on. . . I have a possible candidate for field work." And Chuck just freaking out about it.

As a fan of NFL on Fox, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the appearance of Michael Strahan. I knew it was coming, but I didn't know when, so that was a nice treat.

Overall, great episode. Loved the ending. Can't wait for the next one.

Gossip Girl 2.06: New Haven Can Wait
That was pretty sweet. I had a big (like grade determining big) test today, and so my mid-study break was to watch this episode. Can I just say that up until the end I truly started to hate Serena. I'm not saying I liked what Blair was doing any more, but we expect that from her. It was more shocking coming from Serena. While the ending was very unexpected, it did seem to fit. I'm anxious to see what these two do now that they've decided that they have to stay together.

Dan and Nate are friends now? I admit, I buy it. Unlike Chuck, Nate seems to have a conscious. No, I take that back. Unlike Chuck, Nate often listens to his conscious. With these two now hanging out one must wonder, How long until Dan writes another story about this experience? Hopefully never.

Chuck now owns the Life and Death Brigade (Or whatever this version of reality is calling them. Honestly, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, they're both GG, so I'm going with the L&DB until that's clarified). Classic. And now that he's lost both Blair and Nate, what's going to happen to the great Chuck Bass? He's not been the same since he stood up Blair last season. I miss the reckless and dangerous but highly intriguing Chuck Bass. This moody one? Just isn't the same.

Little Jenny Humphry. The truly bright hope in this show. While everyone else is dealing with their teen angst and social dynamics, Jenny seems to have her feet planted in reality and to be happy and thriving. Though I said that last week and then she quit school. Now her dad is letting her homeschool (And maybe go to a school for working children? I guess it's what Vera Wang did). I hope her storyline goes well. I like Jenny and want her to be the solid person along with Vanessa.

And can I just say, the thing about whatever Bart has on Lilly? I like the way they're taking this storyline. I don't want details. I do want her to eventually get fed up with him and go back to Rufus. They're so cute together. In a middle-aged couple-y way.

Where's Eric? He has a new friend. Or so we hear.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 3.5: Raspberry is the Best Thing EVER!

So... it's the last few hours of Fall Break and life is chaos. Faith has midterms and the GRE in the week ahead. Ky has... well... Ky has little people (there, we gave her something) (This is Ky here - I resemble that remark. But no, really. I'm taking 19 hours plus a 150 hour practicum in the schools while working 20 hours a week. I'm slightly busy. Though, granted, I don't have a massive test that will define the rest of my life on Friday. No pressure, Faith. No pressure. But I digress) (yeah, well, I have 18 hours including 2 independent study, a non-credited national research project that I have to travel for, and 23 hours of work. And yes, the future depends on Friday). Because of this, we haven't really been able to do our podcasting to our satisfaction. BUT, we still bring you our ramblings about our lives and the tv shows from this week.

The much anticipated Buffy: Season 3 review will be done in episode 4 (see, we didn't lie. This is episode 3.5, not 4).

Hope you enjoy. And remember, eat more raspberries!

Spoilers for Smallville, Heroes, and T:SCC (not sure of the time, but Faith yells spoiler when we start).

Music used in this episode:
"I'll Never Tell" from Once More With Feeling

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

It's Faith's birthday today, so wish her a happy, geektastic one!

Also, check out our promo aired in the Geek By Night podcast, episode 7!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A (wo)man's got to do what a (wo)man's got to do...

Greetings, Cyberland!

So it's currently fall break at our quaint little university in the middle of nowhere. Faith has headed home, as have I. That being said, at this point in our podcasting abilities (or rather, lack thereof), it's kind of hard for us to podcast together. We'll get this figured out eventually, I promise. Probably before Thanksgiving.

That being said, I'm going to go ahead and blog my reaction to all the shows that I watched this week.

Starting with Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.
What can I say about this week's episode? It was good. Not awesome, but good. I like all the future flashes that have been going on recently. I know that Kyle Reese was supposed to be in this episode at some point, but I didn't catch who it was. Oh well, like I said, it was good none the less. It was nice to see a Triple 8 in this episode, haven't really seen one of those in awhile. I like the bonding between Sarah and the little Marty. They were cute together. I'm glad Sarah gets to play mom to a "normal boy" who hasn't been hardened by having to run his entire life (aka not John). I like how they made little Marty such a normal perfectionist child. He was obsessed with normalcy - getting his book report done. As an education major, I know how children act in tough situations, how they grasp for anything normal. I like how Cameron (of all people... er... terminators) picked up Wizard of Oz. Very cool.

All of the Wizard of Oz references made me happy. I love that story. Never actually read the book, but still. I want to now. Everything from the overall plot line to the names they chose (Baum) made me grin. It was just good.

Can't wait until next week!

Um, wow? First of all, LOL @ dream sequence. Seriously, why Parkman? We have at least two other characters on the show that have dreams that predict the future, but we watch the dream of a dude stuck in the desert in Africa on Peyote. Hmmph. That was really my only complaint. Otherwise, the episode was really good.

Poor Peter. Both of them. It's become apparent that Future!Peter is the Villain of this season (so far), which is sad. And I think even Future!Peter has realized that as well. Present!Peter is just confused. Poor guy. Why does he need Syler's power?

It's weird, but I like Parkman and Daphne together in the future, and teenage Molly made me grin. She really has grown up some.

So apparently it's destiny that Claire will have dark hair in the future. We keep going back to that point. And apparently she's going to be evil regardless now.

Why can't Future!Future!Peter go back and stop Future!Peter from shooting Nathan? Oh, right, because we wouldn't have season 3.

Speaking of Nathan, I like him and Tracy together. Apparently it's also destiny for Nathan to become president. I guess the only question at this point is who will be the first lady. Lol.

Tracy... one of two sets of identical triplets. Cool. So we have Nikki, Tracy, and... Barbara? I wonder what her power is. And "created?" Peter mentioned something about this as well... how some people were born with powers and others were created with them. Interesting. Well, we know what the formula does now.

HIRO! Dude. Seriously? Since when should ANYONE listen to Angela Petrelli? She's obviously evil. Well, for the most part. But yeah, how could Hiro EVER think it would be a good idea to dig up Adam? Come on. *sigh*

Ok, I'm done for now on Heroes. I'm sure I'll rant/rave a bit when we finally end up podcasting.

Knight Rider
I watched the first couple episodes, and it's really good! I like it so far. Faith has pretty much covered the feel of the episodes, but I have one thing to add - Billy from KR is Billy from Battlestar Galactica. That made me laugh. Hardcore. Love his interactions with the Asian chick, Zoe, I believe. They crack me up!

True Blood
Wow. Great episode. New theory that my friend Kamille and I came up with - Sam is the dog that keeps following Sookie around. Just a thought.

Nice to see how Bill was changed. Though I'm a bit fuzzy on the mechanics. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

True Blood is good at ending episodes with "OMG, NO WAY" moments. Wow.

Sorry this is so incredibly long. I'm sure we'll podcast a bit at some point, either that or wait until next week!

You know you love us,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Project: Save Sarah Connor

There's been an increase in concern that our beloved show T:SCC is going to be cancelled due to ratings. We cannot let that happen. Ky ad I are both Browncoats, and we will not sit by while another amazing show is taken off the air by Fox because the ratings aren't stellar (did they ever think that maybe the people who watch it aren't counted in their system?).

Do your part. Tonight's episode needs to be a home run if we're going to avoid the need for drastic measures. If at all possible (unless you're like us and have to work during the show), watch the episode on tv. And tell everyone that you know. This is a show anyone can get into, and you don't have to be a sci-fi junkie to enjoy it.

Also, email Fox and tell them how much you enjoy the show. (I know, it sounds like another stupid Facebook application or group) If we're proactive now, we might avoid any problems later on.

This is it, people. The future begins now.


True Blood - Episodes 1-4

Wow. This show is pretty freakin awesome. Made me wish I had HBO for once.

Where to begin?

First of all, most definitely NOT a family friendly show. Then again, what on HBO really is?

The murders are cool. I like how they're linking it to Vamps, tho who knows who it will actually be.

They changed Tara after episode 1! WTF? I liked the first girl better, though there is nothing wrong with the second one. The first one was just more amusing. I made my roomate watch the episodes with me, she said the first girl was from the TV show "Passions." The roomie was upset when she left too.

Sookie and Bill. Love them together. All I have to say is Twilight for adults. Like, really. Adults. But it's sooo good! They're awesome together. The guy playing Bill is great as a vamp. I really like him. He reminds me of an older Edward Cullen. Or a darker Mr. Darcy. Which we all know I love.

Sam. Wow, I really like Sam. A lot. Until the end of episode 4 where he "broke in" to Dawn's house and was all smelling her sheets and all. Creepy. For a second there I thought he may be the killer. Who knows, he may be. He seems to have a dislike for Jason, so it would make sense if he was framing him. And he has stuff against vamps. Well, at least against Bill.

Speaking of Jason, poor guy. Can't seem to catch a break. 'Course he doesn't really deserve one, now does he? His "problem" in episode 4 made me laugh. That would happen to him. I wonder though if the effects would've been so potient if he had been injured or whatever. My guess is it probably wouldn't just because of the way Sookie reacted, her sex drive was affected, but not quite as... intensely. 

Lafayette amuses me to no end. I really like him. Though I have to say, I wouldn't quite expect such a flamboyantly gay character in such a small, red-neck Louisiana town (no offence to those living in 
Louisiana). I find it kinda amusing though that the vamps are the new "gays" if you know what I mean. They make all these "coming out of the coffin" jokes and other quips that would probably have been
used about gay people in the past. Also, Sookie's remark when she first sees Bill is about right too when she says soemthing like "I never thought we'd get one here."

Speaking of Bill, I agreed with Sookie about his name. My roommate and I laughed along with Sookiewhen he said his name for a good five minutes. Priceless.

I'm sure I'll think of more as the night goes on. I'm intrigued by the whole Fangtasia club and the elder Eric, and that whole business. Also, Sookie's power. Can she move things too? What's up with the
dog that seems to pop up everywhere? It will most definitely be interesting.

Can't wait for tonight's episode!

Homework time. Over and out.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode Three: Faith is Evil

This has been one crazy week for us. Just the recording of this episode took us 2 days, and then we were both so tired that we didn't edit and cut music until tonight. However, we hope you still enjoy it. We talk about yet another great week for television and discuss season two of Buffy (as well as argue the merits of vamipre vs werewolf boyfriends). We also have a great promo from the amazing crew of Geek By Night and Faith debuts her new segment, "Faith's Five by Five", with a discussion of her favorite podcasts (and she let's Ky talk a little too).

TV Week: (10:10 - 24:50) Knight Rider, Gossip Girl, Heroes, T:SCC

Spoilers for Breaking Dawn at the end of the Buffy segment (don't worry, we mention it before we spoil).

Music used in this episode:
"Too Late For Chocolate Pie" by Steve Glosson
"Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)" by Garbage
"No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders

Bones 4.06: The Crank in the Shaft

FINALLY! That's all I have to say: FINALLY!

We FINALLY get some reaction from both Angela and Hodgins concerning the fact that they broke up (a month ago). I was beginning to believe that we were never going to see the situation play itself out.

And I really feel that we are FINALLY getting our characters written back to the way we've known them. Starting with just the beginning of the episode. The first thing we see is a shot of Booth's "cocky" belt buckle. I think that's the first time we've seen anything like that from him all season, even his socks are not sticking out in my mind.

The case was ok. I actually haven't figured out why the FBI was investigating it, other than the need for Brennan and the rest of the squints to put together the pieces. However, they're independent contractors (as Brennan makes very clear in this episode), so why would they need the FBI's help? Because I'm pretty sure they don't have jurisdiction over that office building. Great, now I'm curious. I'll have to ask someone about that later.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this episode. Once again the revolving grad student made me laugh (though that lip ring would not have been allowed in a real facility), and everyone seems to be interacting in a more natural manner. I don't mind if they change, but it needs to feel natural. But now I'm really looking forward to the next episode.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Knight Rider 1.02: Journey to the End of the Knight

I've always had a thing for tv shows / movies about people (usually hot guys) driving some object at a really fast speed (usually space ships, though sometimes it's a jet). Knight Rider taps into the sentiment in a major way. Kitt is an incredible vehicle and the chase scenes in the episode are just so cool. When I watch it I feel like a little kid watching Days of Thunder or Top Gun for the first time.

And the guy who plays Mike Tracer isn't shabby at all either. In all honesty, I would probably still watch this show even if it had no plot. But the fact is, it does, and it's a pretty good one at that.

The episodes consist of a specific conflict that must be resolved by the end of the episode. However, there is also a really intense set of threads that are carried over from episode to episode (I say this after only having seen the first 2 episodes). What is it that Mike's forgotten about his past? Who is the leak that was hinted at in ep. 1? How fast is Kitt learning and what will happen when he's adapted enough that he thinks he can make better decisions than his driver? Not to mention the relationship between Mike and Sarah is picking up speed.

My one complaint: where is the FBI chick (who, in case you didn't know, played Rachel on Joan of Arcadia for some of season 1)? I'm starting to get very suspicious of her. But then again, the man in charge doesn't seem to be that trustworthy either.

But I just love the car.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heroes 3.03: One of Us, One of Them

It's really hard to follow the last episode, but I think they did a pretty good job. Parts of the plot seemed to stall, but in other parts it was running ahead full tilt. I mean, the Claire story line has great potential for the next episode, but it felt rather dry. Again, it was great, just very slow because there was so much else going on in this episode.

Hiro and Ando make me laugh. I love the Batman analogies, and it's interesting to note that Ando is no longer trusting Hiro like he used to (see what happens when we go to the future? have we learned our lesson? probably not). And I'm really liking this new Daphnie character. She's got great potential.

And everyone knows what I'm going to complain about. They killed Jessie (Weevil from Veronica Mars)! Yeah, that bummed me out.

It looks like my theory regarding Tracy may just hold up. We know now that Nickie is dead (Is anyone really sad? I mean, I am, but it just didn't have the impact I would have thought). And she and Tracy have the same birthdate at the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor. When he told Tracy that he created her, I for one was pretty excited. Can't wait to find out more next episode.

Sorry for the disjointed-ness. I have a test in the morning and I'm really tired (And did I mention I haven't studied? Oh yeah, it'll be great). I'll try to get some more done before we record tomorrow night.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is it really only Tuesday?

Wow, so I most definitely didn't realize how much Faith was posting. I feel so... left behind. Or something. Sorry y'all. I'll do better to keep up. I don't know where she gets all her time to watch tv.

I'm writing this while attempting to watch Heroes. I've gotten about half way through, but the NBC website is taking forever to load.

So. Sarah Connor last night. I was enthralled by it while it was on, but now thinking back over it, I'm not quite as impressed. They led us to believe for the first twenty minutes that Cameron could quite possibly be a human - or at least have human memories. Now it's pretty clear, as Faith said that Cameron was made to look like Allison so she could serve as an infiltrator into John's camp. I don't think it would be too far off to find out that John was in love with Allison, so that's why he worked so hard on reforming Cameron, and that's why he sent her back to protect his younger self. So I guess at this point we enter, once again, into a paradox. Presuming John does indeed have romantic feelings for Cameron/Allison, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Ok, sorry, had to. Did he fall for Cameron the terminator growing up? Or Allison the resistance fighter?
So many questions.

Gossip Girl.
Nom nom nom. It just keeps getting better and better. What's daddy dearest going to do about little Jenny Humphry? She's sure adopted an independent streak since last season. Also, a Blair/Jenny truce, and dare I say it, united front? No way. That probably won't last.
Serena. What to say? Was she a little too harsh on poor Blair? Or not? Hard to say. Blair just seeks her approval all the time, I don't think Serena knows how much Blair follows her around like a little puppy dog. She definitely had that "wow, I was totally just kicked to the curb for a new best friend" look at the end of this past episode.
Though here I feel I must interject and talk about how totally beautiful Serena looked doing her pouty model routine outside the limo while Blair looked on longing to be Papi (yeah, no idea how to spell it) posing next to her.
Chuck and Dan as friends? Most definitely had potential. They worked well together, and Dan throwing the random sucker punch was kinda funny. Raise your hand if you think that Chuck's sob story in the slammer was true. *raises hand* Yeah.
Lilly and Bart? Sad times. I agree with Faith's analysis of the sign of submission having to do with things around people's necks. Very interesting.
I wish they would've shown us what the picture was. Something tells me it wasn't what Lilly thought it was. Who knows.

Now for a long 2 week wait until the next episode of GG. BOOOO.

Started watching another show, HBO's True Blood. Interesting stuff. Side note though, it's on HBO for a reason. It's the adult, twisted, sexed up, gory version of Twilight. Haven't finished the first episode yet... still working on that.

Meh. Work has been busy tonight. It's taken over an hour to write this post. I give for now, so I'm gonna go back to watching Heroes. More on that later. Or, actually, I'll probably save my review from that for when we record on Thursday night. Or not. We shall see.

Over and out,

Gossip Girl 2.05: The Serena Also Rises

After last week's episode I expected a little more forceful return of Queen Serena. However, that in no way diminishes the episode overall. The dynamic between Lilly and Bart, the roller coaster of Jenny's choices, and the sheer desperation of Blair all make for an intense forty-one minutes (yes, I had to watch it online and that's how long it took). Add to it the variety of reactions you may have experienced when Dan and Chuck actually spend time together, and we finally return to the feel of a season one episode.

People will probably take issue with me over this, but with all the drama of the Serena / Dan relationship, this season hasn't hit quite as hard so far. Until this episode. Yes the Chuck / Blair / Marcus tension (especially in "The Dark Night") and the dethroning of Queen B last week have been truly amazing, but the entire episode this week was up to par.

I can't rave enough about this, and I'm sure once Ky watches this she and I will be in full force when we record. In the meantime, let us ponder this thought: what is with the placing of items around other people's necks as a symbol of their subservience? We saw it last week when Serena put her scarf around Blair's neck, and now when Bart put the necklace on Lilly. And speaking of Lilly, how long do you think Bart will be able to keep her under control? We saw her true side come out last season, and I just don't think she'll be able to hide it long enough.

Also, we've now seen Blair stoop to her lowest, sabotaging her mother's show in order to get back at both Jenny and Serena. But now she's coming to Jenny's aid and they seem to be becoming friends. Though who knows how long that will last with Jenny claiming to have dropped out of school. And I haven't even started on which version of Serena are we going to see as her "being herself". Guess we wait and see.



Terminator 2.04: Allison From Palmdale

My immediate reaction to this episode? WOW! Whoever wrote this episode was a genius. This came out of left field and opened up and entirely new set of questions. I can only speak for myself, but it was almost as good as "Sampson and Delilah" in terms of the Cameron story line.

The fact that a terminator could have such a powerful memory lapse is shocking. Some people might think that she was pretending, but I don't think so, if for no other reason than the fact that there does not seem to be a purpose for her to fake it. The question now is, what does this mean about her mission? We've now seen that she is was an infiltrator in the future, designed to penetrate John Connor's inner circle by impersonating this Allison. However, is that still her mission? We know that this is her initial mission, but her programming overrides this. Now that she's experienced these memories from the perspective of Allison, and taken on the persona of the infiltrator, has she changed again? Yet, she doesn't kill Jody, so has she just gone back to the Cameron we knew before the explosion?

Can't wait to find out.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chuck 2.01: Chuck vs The First Date

This was a great episode. As always, Chuck takes all that we love about secret agents and action and makes it absolutely hilarious. The episode starts with Chuck in a classic life-or-death situation (for the show at least), being held over the edge of a building by a "bad guy" who wants whatever it is that Chuck has stupidly left the car to retrieve (yeah, they ask him, again, why he left the car. Don't they know that just doesn't work?).

Chuck's reaction to no longer being the Intersect is another classic moment, spoiled only by walking in on his sister and Awesome in the shower. He feels on top of the world, turns down the assistant manager position at Buy More again, and asks out Sarah! In the meantime, Casey receives orders to eliminate Chuck to prevent him becoming a liability.

I won't detail the rest of the episode, but it is everything we learned to love last year, having the same feeling as the episode at Stanford. The return of Chuck's CIA personality, Carmichael, is great. It reminds us that Chuck should have been a CIA asset to start with, and again begs the question, when Chuck is no longer needed could he become an agent?

Over all, this was a great jump back into the show. The battle for assistant manager is absolutely hilarious, and we get confirmation that Sarah would be romantically inclined toward Chuck if it wasn't for the mission.

So go watch it!


Minor Changes

Because we felt that the tv week section was a little crowded, we've decided to change things up a bit. From now on we will be blogging all of the shows that we watch, giving you our initial reactions and fangirl squees or freakouts. This way we don't feel like we've short-handed any of our beloved fandoms. We will still have a tv week segment in our show, but it will be devoted to what we each feel was the biggest thing to happen overall. Hopefully this will make for a more enjoyable experience for you as the listener and allow us to be a little more organized and less panicked if we don't cover everything.

You know you love us. XOXO.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Episode Two: OMG Serena

We're back with another fun filled episode following an overwhelming week of television. NBC premiered almost all of their shows, including a 2 hour return of Heroes. We tried to cover everything, which makes for an interesting overview. We also get into our first Buffy segment, covering season one, what we like, what we didn't like, and our favorite characters for the season.

BTW: Faith wants to apologize to all of the Bones fans. She was very tired when we recorded this and had completely forgotten about "The Finger in the Nest" when she mentioned the ratings she had done on live journal. She gave it a 7.

TV Week Segment: (6:30 - 26:15) Spoilers for T:SCC, Bones, Heroes, and Gossip Girl

Music used this episode:
"New York Girls" by Morningwood
"Supervixen" by Garbage
"Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols

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These are totally the geeks you're looking for

Tune in to Geek By Night on Oct 7 to hear our promo in Episode #8


You heard it here first, folks!

We are now live on iTunes! So go check us out, and leave us a nice review (or two ;)

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Almost As Good As a Closet Full of Shoes

We just finished our first promo. Hope you like it.

If you have a podcast and want to trade promos, email us and let us know.
Now go buy more shoes. You know you want to!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Episode One: Version 3.5

We finally got a recording together! And now our theme music for the week won't deafen you.
This is more of a meet and greet. We talk about the concept of "geek chic", how we got into the geekdom, our favorite podcasts, Terminiator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Superhero movies (mostly those that came out over this summer).

Spoiler policy: 34:34 If a tv show has been off the air, or the next season has begun, anything from before will be considered fair game. The exception will be the Buffy: Season 8 and Angel After the Fall comic books. Anything discussed that's spoilery will be noted in the show notes.

Spoilers for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 27:10-29:30

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