Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode Eighteen: Curse You, Aqua Scum!

After an unanticipated hiatus, the girls are back, catching you up on tv from the past three weeks. In addition, we are joined by Frank from Frank's Music Free-For-All and the brand new Echo Alert podcasts (you may remember him from Chic Geek episode 13) to discuss Smallville. That's right! Ky is all caught up and now we can rant and rave to our hearts content without spoiling her (which makes Faith oh so happy).

TV Week: (5:30-56:00) Gossip Girl, Chuck, Heroes, Smallville, Lost, Bones, Supernatural, T:SCC, BSG, Dollhouse

Music used this week:
"Living Dead Girl (Techno Remix)" by Rob Zombie
"Perfect" by Flyleaf
"I Just Want to be Loved" by AM Radio
"Just Dance" by Lady GaGa


NoelCT February 22, 2009 at 12:00 AM  

CHUCK - I agree with Ky that I didn't expect the whole "I saw you shoot him" thread to wrap up so quickly, though I find it a bit refreshing that they did so in a series where little things like that can drag on for seasons.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on a pair of 3-D glasses in time, so I'll have to wait for the DVD set for the full effect. Fortunately, it was a wonderful episode with the always great Dominic Monaghan showing us once again why he's so great.

HEROES - I've been vocal about my dislike of how season 3 began, with messy plotting, ridiculous ideas, characters falling out of character, and horribly missed opportunities, but it looks like they've got things grounded with the start of the second half. Though the idea of locking up powered beings in the interests of national security has been done before, it's well executed here, triggering a believable uprising of underground fugitives against an over-reacting government, and all of the main players fall into their parts perfectly. And they've finally regained the Goldilocks focus: not to much plotting, nor to little ... everything is just right.

Ky, as for the show lacking an overarching plot, that's always the problem with both comics and TV shows because they rarely have any idea how long they're going to be around. What happens if you plan for three seasons only to blow out to seven, or map out an intricate four season structure only to get axed halfway through the first? It's a constant balance between playing for the moment and setting up for the future that very few running series in either medium pull off to perfection.

T:SCC - I liked it. It made good use of the leads, Weaver's massacre was phenomenal, and the scenes between Sarah and Kyle worked far better than expected, but I just wish we could have hit the ground running. This show is teetering on the edge of cancellation and it's just not going to bring in new viewers on its new night with a largely introspective episode between a woman and her hallucination. And could Cameron have drifted any further into the background? I was hoping we'd at least get a scene between her and Riley in the hospital room.

DOLLHOUSE - Sorry. It just didn't suck me in. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting show, the acting was solid, and I'll definitely keep tuning in, but I just wasn't sold on the concept or emotionally invested in the characters and their dilemma. I could go on, but author and Whedon-fan Peter David wrote a nice review that covers a lot of the issues I had.

Did you get the unproduced Whedon screenplay I e-mailed you around the holidays? It's interesting to compare it to DOLLHOUSE because both feature a secret organization that's developed the technology to transfer one indifidual's personality into another, though both take the concept in wildy different directions.

- -

In terms of a possible new superhero show for the WB, I'd love to see GOTHAM'S DAUGHTER, the story of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. She has to balance her life between the watchful eye of her overly-protective daddy, Commissioner Gordon, and her training under the brooding Batman to be the next generation of Cape Crusader. Her arch-nemesis could be the anarchistic Harley Quinn. Catwoman could be an ambiguous character that toes the line between mentor and adversary. And Dick Grayson, growing into his adult identity of Nightwing, could be a possible love interest. I think there's enough there to get a few solid seasons.

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